Our Products

With health in mind and the love of real food, we have been working hard on producing two different probiotic beverages. Good gut health is important for your overall good health and can aid in reducing many GI issues. Our Kombucha and Water Kefir beverages are all made in small batches from recipes that Lucas and Emily have tested for flavor and overall goodness! These beverages take a minimum of five days to produce for Water Kefir and up to fourteen days for Kombucha. Although these are two different products they are also similar, as they are both made with live cultures which enable fermentation and natural carbonation. In the end they both produce a healthy effervescent beverage for all to enjoy. We use organic and natural products locally sourced where possible. We never use anything artificial or mass produced for our products. We hope you enjoy these elixirs as much as we do.
Yours in good health,
Emily and Lucas Price